Why Are Profinet Cables Used Within Industries?

Profinet or Process Field Net is an industrial standard of technicality for data communication over the industrial Ethernet, which is designed for collecting data. It also controls the equipment in industrial systems with a particular strength to deliver data under tight time constraints. And, Profinet cables are industrial Ethernet cables used for cabling of industrial fieldbus systems with the globally accepted TCP/IP protocol.

Why Are Profinet Cables Used Within Industries - Miracle Electronics

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Choosing The Right Wiring System

The cable harness is one of the most critical parts of an electrical product, but is often left unconsidered or is considered only at the end, which is very wrong. Choosing the right cable harness that suits the particular needs of your equipment is very important; and this must be taken care of in the designing stage itself. It is required that a manufacturer picks the right components and qualities for a product’s cable harness to be designed. If the wrong kinds of components or insulation is chosen, then the product may either not function or may breakdown, in any case resulting in a loss. This is why it is advisable to opt for purchasing your cable harness and other electrical products from reliable and trusted cable harness manufacturers in India like Miracle Electronics who makes sure to consider the below mentioned components while designing a cable harness for their clients.


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Why Is The Quality Of A Cable Harness Important – Miracle Electronics

Cable harnesses are bundles of wires tied together into a single cable to transmit signals and other electronic information without leaving messy individual wires around that may prove to be risky and hazardous. The wires in a cable harness are tied together using straps, cable ties, cable lacing, sleeves, electrical tape, conduit, a weave of extruded string, or a combination of any of these. These cable harnesses are most useful in automobiles, aircrafts, heavy duty vehicles, complex medical equipment, and machineries that require multiple lengthy wires, which when uncoiled may end up running more than a kilometer! This is why cable harnesses are gaining so much popularity.

Why Is The Quality Of A Cable Harness Important - Miracle Electronics

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What Is The Future Of Wire Assembly Manufacturing?

Manufacturing wire assemblies is a labour intensive operation. The three major industries that have chosen to accept wire assembly manufacturing are automotive, aerospace, and military industries. All these industries have relied on wire assemblies for decades. But, with products becoming highly complex, and technology evolving, the future electrical distribution systems in vehicles and aircrafts are sure to be modified. However, the traditional copper wire bundles are likely to continue to be used for years to come because of the material’s outstanding electrical performance and ease of use.


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Have You Chosen A Wrong Cable Harness Manufacturer?

Choosing the right cable harness manufacturers in India is very important; and may seem like a difficult task. Obviously, it is one that requires complete care and consideration, but it isn’t as grueling as it may seem. If you have done thorough research before selecting one, you can make the right choice easily. However, it is only natural that we all make mistakes; and if you have made a mistake in choosing your cable harness manufacturer, don’t keep blaming yourself for it. Sure, your wrong choice might have cost your company enormous resources and funds, but you never did that on purpose, did you? While there is nothing that you can do to reverse your condition, there is something that you can definitely do to save further blunders; and that is to switch to a correct cable harness manufacturer at the earliest. Although this process can be strenuous and time-consuming after you have encountered such a problem, this blog is here to help give you a perspective of what you must expect in such a case.


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All You Would Want To Know About Overmoulded Cable Harnesses – Miracle Electronics

Overmoulding has significantly changed the appearance and functionality of cable harnesses over the past many decades. Overmoulded cable harnesses are those that seamlessly combine wires and connectors together to form one single unit. The process of constructing such harnesses involves injecting a molten material into a mould cavity that fits into the desired shape when cooled. This mould cavity can be built as a simple design with no markings, or a complex design with inclusions of company name, logo, flanges, and strain relief area.

All You Would Want To Know About Overmoulded Cable Harnesses - Miracle Electronics

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Why Should You Use Shielded Cables In Wire Assemblies?

Wire assemblies are often used in applications where environments are industrial, commercial, and factory-oriented – all of which are electrically noisy settings. To reduce the risk of electrical noise interference that your wire assemblies may face, shielded cables can greatly help to improve the performance of your equipment. What is electrical noise, you may ask. It is a combination of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiated noise. Wire assemblies can become the primary source of EMI transfer as they can produce noise that passes to other equipment, or can act as antennas to radiate noise. They can also act as receivers and pickup EMI generated from other sources. Such noise transfer can seriously disrupt the data transmission and functioning of equipment and electronic components around the assembly.


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