How To Design Reliable And Cost-Effective Cable Harnesses?

While concentrating on all the elements of designing a cable harness, the element of cost-effectiveness is generally left behind. However, in today’s overly competitive market, it is good to provide high quality cable harnesses, but it must also not be forgotten that customers are demanding for profit margins too. They are constantly pressurizing cable harness manufacturers to lower their costs while providing quality. If this is what you are looking for too, you can approach Miracle Electronics, one of the very few cable harness manufacturers in India who can provide reliability and cost-effectiveness in a single package of cable harness.

How To Design Reliable And Cost-Effective Cable Harnesses - Miracke Electronics

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Guide To Select The Perfect Inductor

Inductors are two-terminal components that are used for filtering, timing, and powering electronics applications. They store energy in the form of magnetic fields as long as current flows through, and they oppose any kind of change in current by inducing an electromotive force. They are open circuits for AC signals and short circuits for DC signals. The inductance of inductors is affected by four main factors, namely the coil area, the coil length, the number of turns in the coil, and the material of the core. Similarly, the purchase of an inductor depends on various factors too. The list of parameters you need to keep in mind while selecting inductors are stated below.


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