Different Types Of Magnetic Cores Used In Transformers

Magnetic core is a material with high magnetic permeability that is used to confine and guide magnetic fields in various kinds of electrical, magnetic, and electromechanical devices. One of the most commonly used devices of the lot is power transformers in India. Magnetic cores within transformers increase the strength of magnetic field in an electromagnetic coil by a factor of several hundred times than what it would be without a core. It is the size and construction of the core that will indicate the power, voltage, and current that the transformer can provide. The material used to construct the core is also of prime consideration. Listed below are the most common materials used to construct transformer cores.


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What Is Wiring Harness Manufacturing Specification?

For every new aircraft platform that is designed and produced, manufacturing specifications for their aircraft is designed. These specifications include elements like fuel system, lighting system, and landing gear system. While there are some who do not consider this as a system, there is another wiring system, more commonly called the Electrical Wiring Interconnect System or EWIS. This is a complete aircraft wiring system that incorporates associated components like wires, connectors, wire splices, bundle clamps, backshells, and wire harnesses.

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What Is The Future Of Power Transformers In India?

Power transformers in India are of various types including toroidal, laminated core, auto, variable auto, polyphase, phase-shifting, induction, grounding, variable frequency, stray field, resonance, ferrite core, cast resin, oil cooled, and isolating transformers. Today, in this blog, we will speak about toroidal transformers – what they are, and what their scope is in the industrial market in the future.


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How To Eliminate Output Distortion In Auto Transformers?

Autotransformers are a type of power transformers in India that have one winding tapped at some point along the winding. Voltage is applied across one portion of the winding, while a different level of voltage – higher or lower – is produced across another portion of the winding. The equivalent power rating of such transformers is lower than the actual load power rating. Autotransformers are generally smaller, lighter, cheaper, and more efficient than many other kinds of transformers of the same rating. This is why large three-phase autotransformers are used in electric power distribution systems.


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Which Power Transformer Manufacturer Should You Choose?

With the various kinds of transformers available in the market, each supporting different applications, power transformers in India are the most popular types of transformers used. These transformers are highly efficient in transmitting high voltage levels at loads above 33kv. In fact, they perform their best at 100% load! This quality of providing maximum efficiency has resulted in power transformers being used in transmission networks, transmission substations, and power generation stations. These power transformers are further categorized into step-up and step-down transformers to increase or decrease the voltage levels as required.

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What Are The Different Types Of Transformers Used In Agricultural Applications?

While earlier agriculture had everything done manually, today it has transformed into a high-tech sector with a variety of magnetic being used for farming, tilling, and harvesting. One of the equipment that helps in a major way in this industry is the transformer. These equipment are designed to provide sufficient power to support various agricultural applications. There are various types of transformers available in the market, out of which three are majorly used in the agricultural industry, namely power transformers, auto transformers, and high voltage transformers.

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How Are Auto, Toroidal, And Isolation Transformers Different?

What are auto-transformers?

Auto transformers are electrical transformers having only a single winding; thus the single coil acting alone, without any kind of automatic mechanism like in other transformers. In fact, the single coil itself plays the role of both primary and secondary winding’s, with one end acting as primary, and the other end acting as the secondary. In this way, auto-transformers have the benefit of being smaller, lighter, and cheaper than other double winding transformers; but with the disadvantage of not providing isolation between the primary and secondary circuits.

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