The Basics Of A PCB Assembly – Miracle Electronics

Whether you realize it or not, but without PCBs, you wouldn’t be able to operate any of your electronics – those devices on which you are so dependent today. Every electronic device that has current or electricity pass through it to operate is installed with a PCB assembly from India. In this blog today, we are going to make you familiar with the basics of a PCB – its construction, its types, its purpose, and more.

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Protecting Electronic Components In Extreme Temperature Conditions – Miracle Electronics

When your appliances are being used in extremely hot environments, they could be at danger to get heated up and damaged. Although PCBs within the appliances are designed to withstand a good amount of heat, when the temperatures rise beyond certain limits, damage is definite. This is why cost-effective heat management is a priority for PCB manufacturers and providers of electronics manufacturing services from India.

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Do You Have The Right EMS Partner?

The EMS partner you choose must be a reliable and cost-effective one. It is important that you analyze him beforehand to determine whether he is the right fit for your product. One way to do this is by considering the testing methods they employ. They must have solid testing solutions established to safeguard the products they manufacture such that they will work as designed. Let us take a look at some of the testing procedures that providers of electronics manufacturing services from India may utilize.


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Should You Opt For Full Turnkey Or Partial Turnkey PCB Services?

Looking for a PCB assembly from India provider for your products? Then, you first need to know what kind of service you will need – a full turnkey service or a partial turnkey service. And, you probably may be one of the many who don’t know about the difference between these two types of services, or what you should be opting for. So, here we are to help you understand both these types of services individually, to better decide upon which one is the better choice for you.


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Switch Mode Power Supply Vs. Linear Power Supply

Switch mode power supplies and regulated linear supplies are the most common technologies used to produce DC power in control-system design. DC power supplies are available in either switch mode or linear designs, with each type using a different method to produce power. Both these types of power supplies have their own advantages over the other.

Switch Mode Power Supply Vs. Linear Power Supply - Miracle Electronics

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Different Types Of Magnetic Cores Used In Transformers

Magnetic core is a material with high magnetic permeability that is used to confine and guide magnetic fields in various kinds of electrical, magnetic, and electromechanical devices. One of the most commonly used devices of the lot is power transformers in India. Magnetic cores within transformers increase the strength of magnetic field in an electromagnetic coil by a factor of several hundred times than what it would be without a core. It is the size and construction of the core that will indicate the power, voltage, and current that the transformer can provide. The material used to construct the core is also of prime consideration. Listed below are the most common materials used to construct transformer cores.


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What Is Wiring Harness Manufacturing Specification?

For every new aircraft platform that is designed and produced, manufacturing specifications for their aircraft is designed. These specifications include elements like fuel system, lighting system, and landing gear system. While there are some who do not consider this as a system, there is another wiring system, more commonly called the Electrical Wiring Interconnect System or EWIS. This is a complete aircraft wiring system that incorporates associated components like wires, connectors, wire splices, bundle clamps, backshells, and wire harnesses.

What Is Wiring Harness Manufacturing Specification - Miracle Electronics

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