All You Would Want To Know About Current Transformers

A current transformer is a type of transformer that measures alternating current (AC) by producing an AC in its secondary which proportional to the AC in its primary. When the current to be measured or the system voltage of the circuit is too high, current transformers are used to provide an isolated lower current in its secondary, which is proportional to the current in the primary circuit. The induced secondary current produced is then suitable to measure instruments and process electronic equipment. This is the reason why current transformers are popularly used for metering and protective relays in the electrical power industry.


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Guidelines For A Safe And Proper Transformer Installation

Need to install a new transformer or replace an existing one? Just come up to Miracle Electronics, the leading transformer manufacturer in India and you won’t have to worry about installing newer transformers for a long time again! Here are some essentials you need to know about transformers and their installation.


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Transformer Oil Analysis And Testing

Transformers are used at all levels of the industrial infrastructure, right from power generating stations up till the customer facilities; thus they play a very significant role in our lives. The oil present in transformers performs the functions of insulating as well as cooling. Therefore, for secure functioning of a transformer, the dielectric quality of the oil needs to be maintained. As the oil ages, it deteriorates in quality, which is why the oil should be tested periodically.


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Function and Working Of Conservator Tank In Transformers

Transformers have a cylindrical tank, known as the conservator tank, mounted on the roof of its main tank to provide adequate space for expansion of oil within the transformer. When the temperature rises, the volume of oil inside the transformer also increases; thus, it is this conservator tank that acts as a reservoir for the expanded oil. Let us learn all about the construction, working and benefits of a conservator tank in detail.


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All You Want To Know About Control Transformers

A control transformer is an electronic device that provides great voltage regulation, and is designed to step-down primary circuit voltage to a lower voltage that can control the main circuit. It provides a high degree of secondary voltage stability during a very short period of inrush current. These transformers are highly in demand in industrial starter circuits, and are known by various names like machine tool transformers, industrial control transformers and control power transformers. These transformers take complete advantage of the inrush capability and output voltage regulation, particularly when electromagnetic devices are initially energized. Moreover, they are so powerfully designed that they can withstand a variety of adverse conditions.


Control transformers supply power throughout the industry in a safe and protected manner, and are very helpful for preventing any kind of instability to the main power circuit. Manufactured in different specifications to meet the various industrial application needs, all kinds of control transformers are sturdy and reliable, known for their outstanding performance and long life.

Construction of control transformers

The construction of control transformers ensures best results in minimum size. Control transformers are made with two windings made of copper with the best insulating materials. Control transformers use high-quality insulating materials that helps in electrically insulating turn-to-turn windings, layer-to-layer winding, primary to secondary windings and ground. The surface is sealed and moisture is eliminated as they are vacuum impregnated with VT polyester resin and oven-cured. Furthermore, they are soaked in insulating varnish for a long-lasting performance.

The core materials used are CRGO EI or Strip cores. The heavy steel mounting feet are welded to the core to provide maximum strength and low noise. Control transformers are generally used with other filtering devices in order to minimize the differences in output, in order to ensure constant current or voltage.

Where are control transformers used?

Control transformers are used in electronic circuits that require constant voltage or current with low power or volt-amp rating. Such electromagnetic devices include relays and solenoids. These transformers can be used in all kinds of buildings and structures like hospitals, office buildings, schools, commercial buildings, apartments, shopping centers, industrial plants, high-rise buildings and institutional buildings.

No matter whatever type and size of transformer, the purpose always remains the same. But, while buying a transformer and to ensure its proper operation, you must match the load of all electrically energized components properly. Available in multiple sizes and capacities, make sure to get the one that suits your basic needs.

Miracle Electronics is where you can get almost all sorts of transformers to meet your requirements within a fixed budget. The quality of materials used, craftsmanship, reliability and reasonability are what make them a leading transformer manufacturer in India.


Control transformers are used to step down primary circuit voltage so as to control the main circuit. They provide high degree of secondary voltage stability during overload. They are high in demand and are used in wide range of applications – residentially and commercially.