What Is The Future Of Wire Assembly Manufacturing?

Manufacturing wire assemblies is a labour intensive operation. The three major industries that have chosen to accept wire assembly manufacturing are automotive, aerospace, and military industries. All these industries have relied on wire assemblies for decades. But, with products becoming highly complex, and technology evolving, the future electrical distribution systems in vehicles and aircrafts are sure to be modified. However, the traditional copper wire bundles are likely to continue to be used for years to come because of the material’s outstanding electrical performance and ease of use.


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All You Would Want To Know About Overmoulded Cable Harnesses – Miracle Electronics

Overmoulding has significantly changed the appearance and functionality of cable harnesses over the past many decades. Overmoulded cable harnesses are those that seamlessly combine wires and connectors together to form one single unit. The process of constructing such harnesses involves injecting a molten material into a mould cavity that fits into the desired shape when cooled. This mould cavity can be built as a simple design with no markings, or a complex design with inclusions of company name, logo, flanges, and strain relief area.

All You Would Want To Know About Overmoulded Cable Harnesses - Miracle Electronics

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Why Should You Use Shielded Cables In Wire Assemblies?

Wire assemblies are often used in applications where environments are industrial, commercial, and factory-oriented – all of which are electrically noisy settings. To reduce the risk of electrical noise interference that your wire assemblies may face, shielded cables can greatly help to improve the performance of your equipment. What is electrical noise, you may ask. It is a combination of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiated noise. Wire assemblies can become the primary source of EMI transfer as they can produce noise that passes to other equipment, or can act as antennas to radiate noise. They can also act as receivers and pickup EMI generated from other sources. Such noise transfer can seriously disrupt the data transmission and functioning of equipment and electronic components around the assembly.


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How To Design Reliable And Cost-Effective Cable Harnesses?

While concentrating on all the elements of designing a cable harness, the element of cost-effectiveness is generally left behind. However, in today’s overly competitive market, it is good to provide high quality cable harnesses, but it must also not be forgotten that customers are demanding for profit margins too. They are constantly pressurizing cable harness manufacturers to lower their costs while providing quality. If this is what you are looking for too, you can approach Miracle Electronics, one of the very few cable harness manufacturers in India who can provide reliability and cost-effectiveness in a single package of cable harness.

How To Design Reliable And Cost-Effective Cable Harnesses - Miracke Electronics

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