Have You Chosen A Wrong Cable Harness Manufacturer?

Choosing the right cable harness manufacturers in India is very important; and may seem like a difficult task. Obviously, it is one that requires complete care and consideration, but it isn’t as grueling as it may seem. If you have done thorough research before selecting one, you can make the right choice easily. However, it is only natural that we all make mistakes; and if you have made a mistake in choosing your cable harness manufacturer, don’t keep blaming yourself for it. Sure, your wrong choice might have cost your company enormous resources and funds, but you never did that on purpose, did you? While there is nothing that you can do to reverse your condition, there is something that you can definitely do to save further blunders; and that is to switch to a correct cable harness manufacturer at the earliest. Although this process can be strenuous and time-consuming after you have encountered such a problem, this blog is here to help give you a perspective of what you must expect in such a case.


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All You Would Want To Know About Overmoulded Cable Harnesses – Miracle Electronics

Overmoulding has significantly changed the appearance and functionality of cable harnesses over the past many decades. Overmoulded cable harnesses are those that seamlessly combine wires and connectors together to form one single unit. The process of constructing such harnesses involves injecting a molten material into a mould cavity that fits into the desired shape when cooled. This mould cavity can be built as a simple design with no markings, or a complex design with inclusions of company name, logo, flanges, and strain relief area.

All You Would Want To Know About Overmoulded Cable Harnesses - Miracle Electronics

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Why Should You Use Shielded Cables In Wire Assemblies?

Wire assemblies are often used in applications where environments are industrial, commercial, and factory-oriented – all of which are electrically noisy settings. To reduce the risk of electrical noise interference that your wire assemblies may face, shielded cables can greatly help to improve the performance of your equipment. What is electrical noise, you may ask. It is a combination of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiated noise. Wire assemblies can become the primary source of EMI transfer as they can produce noise that passes to other equipment, or can act as antennas to radiate noise. They can also act as receivers and pickup EMI generated from other sources. Such noise transfer can seriously disrupt the data transmission and functioning of equipment and electronic components around the assembly.


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How To Design Reliable And Cost-Effective Cable Harnesses?

While concentrating on all the elements of designing a cable harness, the element of cost-effectiveness is generally left behind. However, in today’s overly competitive market, it is good to provide high quality cable harnesses, but it must also not be forgotten that customers are demanding for profit margins too. They are constantly pressurizing cable harness manufacturers to lower their costs while providing quality. If this is what you are looking for too, you can approach Miracle Electronics, one of the very few cable harness manufacturers in India who can provide reliability and cost-effectiveness in a single package of cable harness.

How To Design Reliable And Cost-Effective Cable Harnesses - Miracke Electronics

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Understanding A Wire Assembly

A wire assembly is the systematic and integrated arrangement of wires within an insulated covering that is used in the electrical systems of machines to transmit electrical signals or power. A single wire assembly comprises of multiple wires of different colors and sizes, each performing a different function. With so many wires running within a single system, a wire assembly provides one common connection point, rather than multiple connection points needed for individual wires.


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Application Of Wire Harnesses In The Automotive Industry

Wire harness is a flexible tool that efficiently combines multiple wires into a bunch and wraps them in a cover of insulating material. This tool has been seen to be highly popular in the automotive industry for special purposes. Automobiles require different types of wire harnesses to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. Wire harnesses in such vehicles act as links between the various components and devices mounted on automobiles so that power and information can be easily transmitted between them, assisting in smooth functioning. Automotive wire harnesses are an assembly of wires that transmit electrical power or signals in automobiles, and are better safeguarded against the impact of vehicle vibrations, as compared to individual electric wires. They are also more secure from abrasions and moisture. Technical developments in the automotive segment have amplified the demand of many high-end microelectronics and security features into vehicles. The automotive wire harnesses facilitate safe, simple and compact functioning of electronic devices installed in the vehicles. Thus, we can say that the global automotive wire harness market is observing a rapid growth due to the increasing automobile industry.


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All You Should Know About Cable Harnesses

A cable harness is an assembly of cables or wires bound together by straps, cable ties, sleeves, cable lacing, electrical tape, etc. These harnesses provide several advantages over loose cables and wires. They are used most commonly in automobiles, construction machinery and aircrafts. Otherwise stretching over several kilometers in length if fully extended, cables harnesses bind such cables to better secure them against adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions and moisture. With these non-flexing bundles, usage of space is optimized and the risk of short is decreased. The risk of electrical fires is also reduced by binding cables into a flame-retardant sleeve.


What is a cable harness comprised of?

Cable harnesses are specific to the automotive industry, where they are designed to run throughout the vehicle making it possible for information and electrical power to be transmitted. These cable harnesses are a network of wires, terminals, connectors, clamps, tapes, sheathes and convoluted tubes. It is crucial that every component of the cable harness is properly connected to the other so that appropriate signals can be carried that are used to start the engine, power windows and doors, headlight and taillights, navigational systems, dashboard meters, etc. The number of cables incorporated into a single harness depends on the designed application and the main purpose of the wiring. It also depends on the volume of information that is required to be sent through to accomplish different important tasks.

How are cable harnesses manufactured?

Building of a cable harness is a very intricate process, which is done majorly by hand. First, wires are cut to the desired length that follows a marking process for identification purposes. Then, the wires are stripped to expose their metal cores, after which they are assembled together with extra terminals or connector housings. Then, the bundle is clamped onto a form board or assembly fixture, which is then fitted with sleeves, extruded yarns or conduit. Once the construction is complete, it is tested with electrical test equipment using a pre-programmed circuit tester.

Why Miracle Electronics?

With the ever-changing designs of automobiles, it is important that cable harnesses come with advanced functionality and additional components in order to meet the unique requirements and save space. The experts at Miracle Electronics possess the expertise needed to develop cable harnesses that meet the changing trends and demands. Also, different types of wires are used in a cable harness, some of which are heat resistant while some that are resistant to cold; some are flexible, while others are rigid; some are thick while others are thinner. You need to purchase cable harnesses from manufacturers who have an understanding of the importance that each individual wire plays in harnesses. If you are dealing with Miracle Electronics, one of the leading cable harness manufacturers in India, you can rest assured that you will get high-quality cable harnesses that may be readily available or customized to suit your needs. A team of specialists at Miracle get into immediate action to produce the customized products after correspondence with their clients.