Understanding And Selecting The Best Single Phase Transformer

Transformers are those electrical devices that convert higher voltages into lower voltages to make it ideal for household usage. They transfer electrical energy between circuits without modifying the frequency. With a wide variety of transformers available, each one differs in terms of their design. However, each transformer follows the basic principle of Faraday’s Law that was invented in 1831 by an English physicist named Michael Faraday. This law explains how most electrical motors, generators, inductors, and transformers work by relating the electric circuit and magnetic field.

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What Are The Requirements For High Frequency Power Transformers?

High frequency transformers can work efficiently only if two important conditions are fulfilled – reliability and electromagnetic compatibility. Reliability has always been paid attention to, while electromagnetic compatibility has come into focus only in recent years because of the increasing awareness towards environmental protection. Reliability can be defined by the specific conditions of usage on which the high frequency power transformers can normally work. The temperature in which the transformer works is one of the very important factors to be considered. For some soft magnetic materials, the Curie point is very low, which is why they are very sensitive to temperature. One such example is manganese zinc sift ferrite that has a very low Curie point, which is why it’s working temperature is very limited.

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Distribution Transformers Vs. Power Transformers

There are two main types of transformers used in the power distribution sector – power transformers and distribution transformers. Although both these types of transformers work on the same principle, they both are very much different from each other. This blog will help you learn the major differences between distribution and power transformers in India. Knowing the differences between the two types of transformers will help you better decide which transformer to choose for your power distribution applications.

Distribution Transformers Vs. Power Transformers

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Guidelines For A Safe And Proper Transformer Installation

Need to install a new transformer or replace an existing one? Just come up to Miracle Electronics, the leading transformer manufacturer in India and you won’t have to worry about installing newer transformers for a long time again! Here are some essentials you need to know about transformers and their installation.


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Function and Working Of Conservator Tank In Transformers

Transformers have a cylindrical tank, known as the conservator tank, mounted on the roof of its main tank to provide adequate space for expansion of oil within the transformer. When the temperature rises, the volume of oil inside the transformer also increases; thus, it is this conservator tank that acts as a reservoir for the expanded oil. Let us learn all about the construction, working and benefits of a conservator tank in detail.


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