Which Power Transformer Manufacturer Should You Choose?

With the various kinds of transformers available in the market, each supporting different applications, power transformers in India are the most popular types of transformers used. These transformers are highly efficient in transmitting high voltage levels at loads above 33kv. In fact, they perform their best at 100% load! This quality of providing maximum efficiency has resulted in power transformers being used in transmission networks, transmission substations, and power generation stations. These power transformers are further categorized into step-up and step-down transformers to increase or decrease the voltage levels as required.

Which Power Transformer Manufacturer Should You Choose - Miracle Electronics

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What Are The Different Types Of Transformers Used In Agricultural Applications?

While earlier agriculture had everything done manually, today it has transformed into a high-tech sector with a variety of magnetic being used for farming, tilling, and harvesting. One of the equipment that helps in a major way in this industry is the transformer. These equipment are designed to provide sufficient power to support various agricultural applications. There are various types of transformers available in the market, out of which three are majorly used in the agricultural industry, namely power transformers, auto transformers, and high voltage transformers.

What Are The Different Types Of Transformers Used In Agricultural Applications - Miracle Electronics

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How To Maintain Power Transformers For Better Performance?

Power transformers are electrical devices used to transfer electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. A varying current in one coil of the transformer produces a varying magnetic field, which induces a varying voltage in the second coil. Power can be transferred between these two coils through the magnetic field, without the need of any metallic connection between the two circuits. Power transformers can either be step up or step down, meaning they can increase or decrease the alternating voltages in power applications, as required. In fact, power transformers are used in various stages of the power generation process, right from the power generating stations to the end users, by stepping up and stepping down voltages at various points. It is only due to these power transformers that we can receive safe amounts of electricity into our homes and offices today!

How To Maintain Power Transformers For Better Performance - Miracle Electronics

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What Are The Different Types Of Insulators?

As the name suggests, insulators are used to insulate electrically charged part of an equipment from another charged or uncharged metal part. Insulators cover the conductor and act as a barrier to keep the conductors unreachable, when used in lower utilization voltage. And, in high voltage overhead transmission and distribution, insulators are used to insulate the live conductor from transmission towers or poles.

What Are The Different Types Of Insulators - Miracle Electronics

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Why Should You Work With A Seasoned Medical Cable Manufacturer?

Generally, we would always read about how important it is to use tested cables, but today, in this blog, we are going to read how important it is to work with a tested cable manufacturer. This is because just as much as the product quality is important, so is the quality and reliability of the manufacturer. The experience, quality of processes, and quality of raw materials used – all of these are important in manufacturing superior quality and highly reliable products. Let us understand this in detail below.

Seasoned Medical Cable Manufacturer

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What Is A Transformer Tap Changer?

A tap changer is a device fitted to a transformer to regulate the output voltage to the required level. This is done by changing the turn ratios of the transformers by connecting to a number of access points known as ‘taps’ along either the primary or secondary winding. These tap changers are generally placed on low-current high-voltage transformers to minimize the current load during operation. Tap changers exist as two types – no load tap changers, and on load tap changers.


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What Role Do Transformers Play In Delivering Electricity – Miracle Electronics

Both step-up and step-down transformers are constructed to change the AC voltage to supply power to various types of residential and commercial electrical applications. The only difference between the two is that step-up transformers increase the voltage from primary to secondary, while step-down transformers decrease the voltage.


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