What Are The Different Types Of Transformers Used In Agricultural Applications?

While earlier agriculture had everything done manually, today it has transformed into a high-tech sector with a variety of magnetic being used for farming, tilling, and harvesting. One of the equipment that helps in a major way in this industry is the transformer. These equipment are designed to provide sufficient power to support various agricultural applications. There are various types of transformers available in the market, out of which three are majorly used in the agricultural industry, namely power transformers, auto transformers, and high voltage transformers.

What Are The Different Types Of Transformers Used In Agricultural Applications - Miracle Electronics

Power transformers

Power transformers in India are designed to operate at high current loads, to increase or decrease the voltage levels. When performing at full load, these transformers are at maximum efficiency. In these transformers, there is no electrical connection between the input and output circuits, which is why they are capable of isolating two circuits. This is the reason why power transformers are used to support electronic equipment in tractors, tillers, and ploughs.

Auto transformers

These transformers have combined primary and secondary windings. With both these copper windings combined, the transformer becomes lighter in weight as compared to other transformers. With the windings combined, the transformer is also smaller in size. These transformers are more efficient, have less core and ohmic losses, and have better voltage regulation. These qualities have them being used in the motors of loaders, tractors, and graders.

High voltage transformers

These transformers are single phase core transformers that have greater insulation, and are able to withstand transient surges and voltage. As the name suggests, these transformers can provide voltages up to 50KV. And, for even higher voltage ratings, multiple high voltage transformers can be connected together to supply power. High voltage transformers are designed with induction regulators to gradually regulate voltages of any voltage. Due to these characteristics, these transformers are used to supply and distribute power to equipment like choppers, boilers, mill drives, and levelers.

Apart from these, there are many other transformer types available, each providing its own unique benefits. Depending upon the design, each transformer can support various kinds of applications and equipment. Whatever the design and purpose, but each transformer is used to enhance the power of the various farming and harvesting equipment. So, whatever your agricultural application, make sure you use transformers for effective and efficient performance. Whether you are looking for auto transformers, heavy duty transformers, or power transformers in India, you can get them all of the best quality at Miracle Electronics, the leading name in the electronic industry.

The power sector is facing problems related to power supply in the agriculture sector. And, the world in developing countries like ours is searching for a solution to this problem. Power supply to agriculture is one of the major problems of our country today. And, even the smallest failure of power supply can cause major failures! Thus, it is very important to utilize the best kind of equipment in your agricultural applications. This is why you need to buy your equipment from trusted manufacturers like Miracle Electronics.


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