Why Should You Opt For Miracle Electronics’ SMPS Transformers?

Home and office appliances seem to be admired by users when they can offer maximum performance while maintaining the lowest possible power consumption. This is possible when switched mode power supplies (SMPS) are used that can convert power using switching devices that are turned on and off at high frequencies, and inductors/capacitors to supply power when the switching device is in a non-conduction state. Thus, you can create an efficient power output with an SMPS transformer. And, when you purchase one from Miracle Electronics, the leading SMPS transformer manufacturer in India, you can ensure its robustness and reliability.


SMPS transformers are very commonly seen in small devices due to their efficiency. These transformers take the rectified and unregulated mains input voltage and pass it thorough a high frequency DC to DC switching converter in order to deliver a regulated DC voltage. When the switch is turned on, the current is conducted with minimal voltage drop; while when it is turned off, the current is blocked with very less leakage. Therefore, by turning the switch on and off, the power supply can offer regulated DC output with lower loss as compared to a linear power supply. Added to this benefit is that an SMPS transformers is much smaller and lighter as compare to linear power supplies, which is why they are much preferred in consumer and industrial devices.

The three most common topologies in SMPS are the buck/step-down, flyback, and buck-boost/step-up converters. The step-down converters ensure that the DC output voltage is lower than the input voltage; while the step-up converters deal with the variations in the input voltage. The flyback converters function like a step-up converter with a high-frequency transformer to multiply or divide the voltage. You can have your converters designed in a manner that can best suit your requirements. When using a wide range of voltage inputs, it is important to ensure that the converters used are able to tolerate an electron rush that suddenly increases the electrical current, resulting in voltage spikes. If this is not ensured, then it will result in disastrous failures and system damage. An 800V guarantee for a converter that is aimed at low-powered devices ensures that it will withstand any amount of voltage variations that may occur during the product’s life. After all, the SMPS transformer should safeguard the application from overloading or short-circuits.

With SMPS transformers being the most essential components in power conversion products, the quality of the transformer, in terms of its performance to specification and longevity, is very important to the quality of the end product. This is why you need to ensure that you are getting the best transformer from the best manufacturer. Miracle Electronics is where you can get SMPS transformers that are high on quality and designed to achieve the required objective. These SMPS transformers have a very high power-to-size ratio, and each segment has a unique V-in to V-out transfer leading to absolute efficiency. So, achieve minimal power wastage with Miracle Electronics’ RoHS and REACH compliant SMPS transformers.


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