Understanding And Selecting The Best Single Phase Transformer

Transformers are those electrical devices that convert higher voltages into lower voltages to make it ideal for household usage. They transfer electrical energy between circuits without modifying the frequency. With a wide variety of transformers available, each one differs in terms of their design. However, each transformer follows the basic principle of Faraday’s Law that was invented in 1831 by an English physicist named Michael Faraday. This law explains how most electrical motors, generators, inductors, and transformers work by relating the electric circuit and magnetic field.

Faraday’s First Law Any change in the magnetic field of a coil of wire will induce an electromotive force in the coil. If the conductor circuit is closed, the current will circulate through the circuit.

Faraday’s Second Law The magnitude of electromotive forces induced in the coil is equal to the rate of change of flux that links with the coil, which is the product of the number of turns in the coil and the flux associated with the coil.

What is a single phase transformer?

From a wide range of power transformers in India, today in this blog we will discuss about the single phase transformer, which is a device that uses a single phase AC current. These transformers depend upon on a voltage cycle that operates in an integrated time phase. They are used to lower long distance electrical signals into power levels that are utilized by light commercial and residential applications. Single phase transformers generally have adjustable turn ratios, while certain transformers have a fixed 1:1 ratio between primary windings and secondary windings to isolate circuits. The industrial regulations and utility infrastructure decides upon the highest voltage in single phase transformers.

How do single phase transformers work?

Just like any other transformer, even single phase transformers comprise of primary and secondary windings that feature insulated wires wound on a single iron core. The primary winding is connected to an AC source, while the secondary winding is connected to the load. The iron core links the flux between both these windings. On energizing, the primary winding produces an electromagnetic field that collapses in the iron core, which in turn induces power at the load. Such magnetic flux (collapse and power build up) occurs six times a second in an AC circuit. By altering the primary and secondary windings, the amount of voltage and amperes between the load and source can be altered. Remember that if the voltage is increased by 2 times, the current in secondary coil will reduce to ½ the value of current in the primary coil.

How to select the best single phase transformer?

While selecting a single phase transformer for your application, you need to consider a few significant factors like primary and secondary voltage rating, power rating, secondary current rating, operating frequency range, and operating temperature. You may get in touch with an electrical expert, or read the manufacturer’ specification to make an informed decision about the right type of single phase transformer you require for your application. And, if you know what you need to buy, you can do so by approaching Miracle Electronics, who provides the best-in-class and most reliable power transformers in India that are not restricted to single phase alone, but also range to three phase transformers.


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